Om Klubben - Engelsk

Danmarks NIMBUS Touring is a nation-wide club for owners of the Danish motorcycle NIMBUS, the club is usually referred to as DNT. 

DNT was founded in 1974, and the reason for the name is due to the fact that a club named Nimbusklubben (The Nimbus Club) has been in existence since 1925. That club was originally a club for Nimbus owners in general, but is now a club for owners of the oldest NIMBUS – type A and B – nicknamed "The Stovepipe". 

The first annual general meeting on which the club was founded. The location is Kalø Vig Camping site, and the date was May 18 th. 1974. Twelve of the seventeen participating NIMBUS-bikes are in the photo. Photo: Keld Nygaard Nielsen

The total number of DNT-members have been steadily rising and is now (in 2011) nearly 2.000. To compare it can be informed that the number of registered NIMBUS-bikes with license-plates (also in 2011) is around 4.300. The majority of DNT members are Danish residents, but there are club members of various nationality all around the Globe. 

A list of members containing approx. 68 pages is circulated every second year to all clubmembers. The list takes the form of an extra issue of the membership magazine 'Nimbus Tidende' Poster by: Valdemar Andersen 1924.

All around the country there are 26 locally based NIMBUS-clubs, generally referred to as 'local clubs'. DNT has a good and friendly cooperation with the local clubs, as well as the 'Nimbus Club of 1925' mentioned above. It must be emphasized though, that no organisational links exist between DNT and the local clubs. Some members from the local clubs are not even members of DNT.

Most members of DNT are now using their NIMBUS-bikes for leisure driving or occasional use. There are though, still NIMBUS owners for whom this motorcycle is their only or primary means of transport. 

Nimbus Tidende 

The frontpage of the membership magazine Nimbus Tidende no. 146, April 2008. The motive is from a tour from Oslo to Singapore in 2007. Photo: Tormod Amlien

Five times a year DNT is circulating the magazine Nimbus Tidende (Nimbus Tidings). The size of the magazine is 21 by 30 centimetres and it is usually containing 36 to 44 pages, all in colour. In this magazine the members can follow what takes place in the biking world and in DNT. Here you will find technical articles, articles with a historical content and travel-stories old and new. Furthermore it is possible for the members to advertise buying and selling objects on a page where the advertisement is free for the first two issues. There are also advertisements from the established dealers and workshops specializing in NIMBUS. 

General Meeting 
DNT is – as mentioned above – a club organized with laws (see link this page) and an executive committee (see link this page). The annual general meeting takes place once a year in the month of May, in connection with a weekend. The annual general meeting is held on different locations in Denmark. 

Yearly Rally 

Rally at Plejelt near Tikøb, August 1975, spontaneously the participants organized their tents and motorbikes in a circle on the field.

The main event of the year is DNT's yearly rally. During the very first years it was an arrangement which took place from Saturday afternoon until Sunday noon. Since then the rally has evolved to be an arrangement of four day's duration, with a wide programme of activities. One general event on each rally is the communal tour. Most rally-participants join this tour which will follow a route passing through places of natural beauty and interesting villages or historical sites. The column is long – very long – consisting of several hundred motorcycles.
Especially in connection with the yearly rally the good cooperation between DNT and the local clubs is at its best. The rally is a DNT-thing, but the practical management of the rally is taken care of by a local NIMBUS-club. 

Museum Rally 
DNT's yearly orienteering rally for NIMBUS-bikes is taking place on various locations in Denmark. Originally the starting point and finishing point was at a museum, hence the name. Traditionally the rally takes place the first Saturday in September, but 'spring-training' may also occur, like it will in 2009. 

From the start of the Museum Rally 2003. Rally-master is Allan Rohrberg. Photo: Jens Bisbjerg Andersen.

Swap Meet markets 
DNT is represented with a stand on the Herning Swap Meet market twice a year. On the stand there is usually a small display of bikes, and sale of club-related merchandise.
The club is also represented on various exhibitions and arrangements in the Copenhagen area, but not with firm intervals – only if occasion offers itself. 

Nimbus Museum / Archive 
DNT owns a representative collection of NIMBUS-bikes and objects in connection to this. Since 2001 DNT has had a permanent exhibition of NIMBUS in a technical / historical / cultural context. The exhibition is found in the 'Cokeshed' belonging to the Museum of Industry in Horsens. (see link on this page). 

April 9th. 1940 presentation on the NIMBUS-museum in 2004. The scope of exhibition is changed every year. Photo: Knud Jørgensen

In the archives of DNT there are to be found almost all production drawings for the NIMBUS type-C, several for NIMBUS type-A/B, a large collection of photos and the factory's books of sale and stock, from 1920 until 1960. The archive also contains all club-related paraphernalia.
The archive is situated in rented rooms with a member of the executive committee, but is open for members by special appointment. Part of the archive is accessible via this homepage, or a set of CDs with drawings, which can be bought as club-merchandise. 

Club Merchandise 
DNT is selling special club-merchandise by postal order, on the yearly rally, market stands or at the shop at the museum (see link on this page). 

Spare parts and NIMBUS-dealers 
DNT has, for a number of years, provided for or initiated production of spare parts. Some of these spare parts – like the cylinder heads and exhaust-manifolds – can be bought as club-merchandise (see link on this page). Also cooperation with the NIMBUS-dealers (see links on this page) advertising in Nimbus Tidende ensures that a reasonable stock of spare parts is available at all times. 

Text and editing: Knud Jørgensen, translation into english: Allan Kløve Nyborg
Source: "100 År et skævt Jubilæum" from 2004 edited by Allan Kløve Nyborg (a book on the subject of the club's 30 years anniversary and NIMBUS-C's 70 years anniversary)